Why GP Days?

Digital | Approachable | Transparent

You probably think that it does not matter which organiser you choose to spend your day on track with. It is just about driving, right? Well, that is what we thought as well but still wanted to make a difference because we care!

Naturally, your driving experience is our top priority, however we do not stop there! At GP Days, we want to create a true family, connect with our drivers and become your contact for any questions you might have about driving your car on the circuit – whether you are a Track Day Veteran or Novice, our Team is there for you. If you want truly level-up your driving, book one of Racetrack Coach’s highly qualified coaches straight through our homepage!

We are one of, if not the first organiser to implement an almost entirely digital check-in process. Starting from a variety of booking options, our GP Days E-Briefing and submission of all relevant documents digitally before the event! As a result, you will experience an extremely relaxed check-in process on site. You just have to pick up your grid numbers and wrist bands – no paperwork or mandatory time of arrival!

For us, a good experience also means, that you can share your memories with your friends. That is why passengers always ride for free at GP Days and we will provide you with professional pictures (on and off track) included in the price. And what about expanding your circle of friends with like-minded people? We got you covered!

Join the GP Days Trackday Community on Facebook and meet other track-addicts from all over Europe to share your experiences with.

Finally, we want to be transparent, especially regarding our cancellation policy. Sometimes, things do not go according to plan and we fully get this! That is why we give you our GP Promise: Even if you need to cancel one day before our Track Day but we can find someone to take your spot, you will receive a reimbursement. Check out or official cancellation policy to know exactly what you can expect.

For all questions, please head over to our Contact Page or visit our Social Media Profiles on Facebook or Instagram.

We are looking forward to welcoming you during one of our events soon!